15-Year Anniversary of the Support-Payment Collection Program

The Support-Payment Collection Program is celebrating its 15-year anniversary this year. On May 11, 1995, the National Assembly of Québec created the program and entrusted its administration to Revenu Québec by passing the Act to facilitate the payment of support.

The objective of the program is to assist families in Québec by ensuring the regular payment of the support to which children and custodial parents are entitled. Since it was created, the program has grown and progressed rapidly. It is now known for the quality of its client services and the regularity with which it collects support and makes payments.

Studies carried out by Statistics Canada and the École nationale d’administration publique (ENAP) show that Québec’s Support-Payment Collection Program is among the most effective in Canada and throughout the world. In fact, it has been recognized for excellence numerous times, notably receiving an honourable mention from the National Child Support Enforcement Association in 2005.

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