Canada Post Lockout: Important Information

With Canada Post management having declared a nationwide lockout on June 14, no mail has been delivered since that date. The Québec government has therefore decided to open distribution centres in all regions of Québec in order to deliver certain government cheques.

Support payment cheques dated June 16 will be distributed through these centres. See the Québec government’s service portal to view the distribution schedule for these cheques.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will make any necessary adjustments as the lockout progresses.

We are aware of the inconvenience this labour dispute may cause. In order to help you meet your fiscal obligations, we wish to remind you that the alternatives below are available.

  To receive amounts owing to you:

  • register for direct deposit 

To file your returns or make payments: 

  • use our online services 
  • go to your financial institution 
  • request pre-authorized debit 
  • drop your documents off at one of our offices

Rest assured that we will keep you informed of developments for the duration of the dispute.

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