Information Session for Installers: Mandatory Billing in the Restaurant Sector

As announced, the government is implementing new measures to counter tax evasion in the restaurant sector. As of September 1, 2010, all restaurant establishments will be required to provide their clients with a bill showing certain basic information, and to keep a copy of each bill. Moreover, all restaurant establishments subject to the measures that are registered for the Québec sales tax (QST) will be required to generate bills using a sales recording module (SRM) approved by Revenu Québec. The obligation to use an SRM will progressively come into effect beginning September 1, 2010. New restaurant establishments will be among those required to use an SRM as of that date. All other restaurant establishments concerned will have to comply with the requirement by November 11, 2011.

The obligation to use an SRM will have an impact on your clients from the restaurant sector. Because you will have the opportunity to sell and install SRMs, you must be aware of the latest information concerning the implementation of the measures to counter tax evasion in the restaurant sector. You will then be able to provide satisfactory answers to your clients’ questions and adequately meet their needs.

We are therefore inviting you to attend one of the information sessions that will be held in various regions of Québec during the month of August. The session will provide information concerning the measures and their effects, the SRM, its installation, and the conditions under which certain restaurant establishments are required to use an SRM. At the end of the session, we will demonstrate how to install an SRM.

This session is intended for both representatives and installers. Should any of your collaborators wish to attend the session, please forward the information to them and refer them to the person in charge of relations with installers, Michel Laflamme, at 418 576-4402.

For logistics and planning reasons, we ask that you register for one of the sessions by email.

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