Launch of the Pilot Project for Mandatory Billing in the Restaurant Sector

The Minister of Revenue, Robert Dutil, held a press conference today at Le D’Orsay Restaurant Pub to launch the pilot project Mandatory Billing in the Restaurant Sector. Under the project, restaurateurs and hoteliers will be required to provide their customers with bills produced by a sales recording module (SRM). Some 50 restaurateurs and hoteliers have volunteered to participate in the project. With their help, Revenu Québec will validate the proper technological functioning of the SRM and ensure its adequate integration in the restaurateurs’ operational processes and billing systems.

The Québec government is introducing mandatory billing to eliminate tax evasion in the restaurant sector. The measure will help improve public finances, establish healthy competition and maintain quality jobs. It is a matter of fairness! Starting in September 2010, all restaurateurs will be required to remit bills to their customers. The requirement to use an SRM to produce these bills will be implemented progressively from September 2010 to November 2011.

This project involves close collaboration between Revenu Québec and representatives of the Association des restaurateurs du Québec, the Conseil des chaînes de restaurants du Québec, the Association des hôteliers du Québec and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

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