NetFile Québec is now online!

NetFile Qubec

The NetFile Québec service is now online and will be available for individuals and individuals in business as well as tax preparers until June 30, 2007.

This service can be used to file by Internet an income tax return completed using software approved by Revenu Québec. NetFile Québec may also be used to file by Internet a return completed using Revenu Québec’s electronic income tax return.

Advantages of NetFile Québec

Filing by Internet has numerous advantages. For example, your return is processed faster and you save money on stationery, printing and mailing. NetFile Québec is also very secure. In fact, it uses one of the tightest security protocols to ensure secure and confidential communications.

Consult the list of software approved by Revenu Québec for use by the general public in filing income tax returns by Internet.


If you file your income tax return by Internet, do not send a paper copy by mail.

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