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You may have already noticed a barcode at the bottom of your restaurant bills. As of November 1, 2011, the barcode is mandatory. This barcode is proof that your bill was produced using a sales recording module selected by Revenu Québec. The law requires all restaurateurs to provide a standardized bill. Make sure you get one and take it with you. Doing so will help ensure that all your taxes go to funding our public services.

Together, we all win.

Report any restaurateur who fails to comply with the law

If you have good reason to believe that the fiscal obligations of the restaurant establishment operator are not being met, consult the Report Any Restaurateur Who Fails to Comply with the Law Web page.

Tax evasion in the restaurant sector

The restaurant sector is a sector of economic activity in which tax losses are significant despite major efforts to counter tax evasion.

For example, we estimate tax losses for 2007-2008 at $417 million. These losses include approximately $133 million in QST that was collected by restaurateurs but not remitted to Revenu Québec, and approximately $84 million in GST.

Collective consequences of tax evasion

In particular, the consequences of tax evasion are:

  • The government sustains substantial revenue losses.
  • Some citizens have to pay for others.
  • Some businesses are subject to unfair competition.

Mandatory billing in all Québec restaurant establishments will help recover over $2.3 billion between now and 2019; this means $300 million a year once all the measures are in effect.

Example of a bill produced by an SRM

Example of a bill produced by an SRM

Close collaboration with the restaurant sector

Revenu Québec is working closely with representatives of the restaurant sector to implement the new measures to counter tax evasion in that sector.

For more information, click Mandatory Billing in the Restaurant Sector.

Ad campaign

We have recently launched a multimedia ad campaign to promote the new measures. You can see the campaign in the Promotional Campaign section of our website (French only).

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