June 15 is the due date for filing income tax returns reporting business income

Revenu Québec would like to remind you that June 15 (midnight) is the deadline for filing your income tax return if you or your spouse is reporting business income for 2006. However, the deadline for paying any balance of income tax owing was April 30.

If you file your return late, you are liable to a penalty on any balance not paid by June 15, 2007. The penalty corresponds to 5% of the unpaid balance, plus 1% for every complete month your return is late (maximum of 12 months).

For returns sent by mail, the postmark determines the date on which the return is considered to have been filed. However, we suggest you use Revenu Québec’s online NetFile Québec service. Receiving your refund more quickly is one of the many advantages of filing by Internet.

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