Taxes in Québec: Why We Pay Them and How They Are Used Contest Winners

Contest entries were selected at random on May 18, 2011, to determine the winners of the Taxes in Québec: Why We Pay Them and How They Are Used contest. Teams were asked to explain, clearly and in their own words, how taxes are used.

The winning teams are from the following schools:

  • École Saint-Michel, Québec City (grade 5)
  • École Père-Vimont, Laval (grades 5 and 6)
  • École Saint-Cœur-de-Marie, Rivière-à-Pierre (grade 6)

For twelve years, third cycle elementary school students have participated in the contest. The contest is just one of the activities the students take part in as teams, in class and under the supervision of their teachers, who received the Taxes in Québec: Why We Pay Them and How They Are Used educational material.

The material aims to introduce students to the principles of taxation in Québec and explain why we pay taxes, from the viewpoint of fairness and respect for social values. It contains basic information about taxation in Québec, such as the income tax return, consumption and income taxes, and work. It also offers in-class activities and the contest.

This year, 1,427 teams participated in the contest, which is always appreciated by students and teachers throughout the province.

The winners were drawn by the team appointed to the school program at Revenu Québec: Kéane Côté-Demers and Valérie Bernier from the Direction des relations publiques et des communications (DRPC), and Josée Côté and Manon Tremblay from the Direction principale des solutions électroniques et des échanges multimodes (DPSEEM). Isabelle Poulin, from the Direction de la vérification interne, des enquêtes et de l’évaluation (DVIEE), was also present to check the contest entries.

This year, Revenu Québec received 1,427 contest entries.

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