The Direction du traitement des plaintes: Serving individuals and businesses for twenty years

Revenu Québec has always strived to provide quality client services. Many of its actions over the years have been taken with this goal in mind. This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the Direction du traitement des plaintes.

Previously known as the Bureau des plaintes, it was officially formed on December 1, 1989. Revenu Québec was the forerunner in creating such a service, as it was the first in the Québec government.

Each year, the Direction du traitement des plaintes proves to be a vital part of Revenu Québec and an essential service to its clients. It continuously offers ways to improve client services, as well as allowing individuals and businesses to express their dissatisfaction and get resolutions to certain situations.

This year, Revenu Québec proudly celebrates the anniversary of the Direction du traitement des plaintes, which has had a long-standing commitment to providing quality service.

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